What we are about...

Over the past few years, or really months, I have been watching and feeling the pain of the increasing petroleum prices. I have been thinking, watching, and researching about how on a personal consumer level I can not only assist from the environmental perspective, but from the family budget angle as well. I wanted ways to save money by purchasing less oil products which in turn helps on so many fronts.

Over the next few months, I would like to make this site a forum for my ideas in addition to hearing from the internet community, or really the public as a whole, for ideas, emerging technologies, etc that will assist me and others with the tools to help our environment and put money back into our pockets.

I have several ideas, thoughts, soap box rants, and even praises for many topics, however I donít want this to be motivated by anger or political focus, but something positive that can be not only interesting but useful.

I am putting this together in a short amount of free time that I have, but please check back soon for some updated content. Thanks!!